Hucklebury is an American-made crowdsourcing company for men that strives to bring premium quality, better-fitting dress shirts at affordable prices. By allowing customers to choose what gets made through crowdsourcing, Hucklebury can price high quality luxury dress shirts that normally retail between $215-$550, for just $69. Quality is key for Hucklebury and ‘Made in the USA’ is an integral part of that quality. They have partnered with a 100-year old American factory that makes clothes for high-end retailers including Saks Fifth Avenue and John W. Nordstrom. Each shirt is made from the finest 100% Egyptian cotton, collars that do not collapse, San Francisco sourced labels, and organic mother of pearl buttons. Further, they have removed sizing hassle for the consumer with the use of Styku’s FIT technology for sizing and fit recommendations. As only American Made goods can usually offer, these premium shirts come backed with a 365-day guarantee unheard of in this category. There is nothing to lose for the consumer, so go support them now on Kickstarter.

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