Have you seen the BEST wallet on earth? Now you can… Hardel & Co. has just launched the 2.0! They raised 25k on Kickstarter with the 1.0, and with the help and feedback of our backers we have meticulously perfected it into The 2.0.  Handcrafted from handpicked premium leather they have created the seductively slim wallet that can pack all the necessities for your everyday carry. The 2.0 welcomes cash, and credit cards (up to 9 cards fit comfortably). The edges are straight cut to save on bulk, sanded, and then sealed with a unique durable sealer! This wallet truly screams quality in every stitch. Built in the USA, every wallet helps create jobs in the US and devotes it self to showing the quality America has been known for. Pick one up HERE. Each wallet will help create American Jobs!

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