Saleen have made a name for themselves as modifiers of american muscle. What can they do when they turn their hand to the Tesla Model S? XCARFilms visited Saleen in Southern California to find out.


Designed from the ground up in New York City by BEST MADE COMPANY, tested the world over. The American Felling Axe has a 4lb Dayton pattern head, perhaps one of the most iconic American axe head designs, which is drop forged in the United States from an American-made 5160 alloy steel that is hardened to a Rockwell hardness of 54-56 HRC. The Best Made mark (BMC) is forged into the butt of the axe head. A distinguishing trait of our axe head is its slim profile which — relative to many other contemporary felling axes — makes for improved cutting and chip throwing. The handle of the American Felling Axe is a straight-grain, premium hickory that originates in Appalachia. We designed the handle to provide maximum efficiency, comfort, and safety. We go to great lengths to source an unrivaled wood grain. Every axe is emblazoned with our trademark logo on the handle, and a removable American Felling Axe sticker on the head.


Have you seen the BEST wallet on earth? Now you can… Hardel & Co. has just launched the 2.0! They raised 25k on Kickstarter with the 1.0, and with the help and feedback of our backers we have meticulously perfected it into The 2.0.  Handcrafted from handpicked premium leather they have created the seductively slim wallet that can pack all the necessities for your everyday carry. The 2.0 welcomes cash, and credit cards (up to 9 cards fit comfortably). The edges are straight cut to save on bulk, sanded, and then sealed with a unique durable sealer! This wallet truly screams quality in every stitch. Built in the USA, every wallet helps create jobs in the US and devotes it self to showing the quality America has been known for. Pick one up HERE. Each wallet will help create American Jobs!


A GREAT POST BY COOL HUNTING WE WANTED TO SHARE: “During a trip to Detroit’s Shinola headquarters, we got a first-hand look at its recently opened leather factory and design studio—another step in their continued quest to revive American manufacturing. The brand has commenced operations with the making of leather watch straps, right next door to where the popular watches are themselves constructed. This clever move for Shinola will help streamline their manufacturing across products, as well as open doors for more rapid design and production of other goods in the future.”


The Mitchell & Ness Varsity Jacket is iconic and historically rich, and producing each jacket in America is an important process. This video takes you through production with Dehen Jackets, a 4th generation factory that has been hand crafting apparel for Mitchell & Ness for many years and will continue to produce sports memorabilia for the brand.


When you carrying Bison Made leather goods in your pocket, you might find yourself telling people, “I have many leather bound books”, and “My pocket smells of rich mahogany.” Don’t worry these side effects are only natural when carrying handcrafted Bison Made goods. Every product is constructed of only the highest quality leathers, each chosen for their rich luster and natural strength. With regular use and proper care, you’ll find Bison products only get better with age – because they really are designed for life. Proudly designed, sourced and handcrafted in the USA.


Made in Texas, the new Mac Pro it is setting the bar in the world of technology, creating jobs in the USA, and being an example in domestic manufacturing to those who forgot how great America is at building goods domestically. Manufacturing in the USA is how Apple began, and as a HUGE Apple fan I am excited to say they are back. The new Mac Pro is a computer unlike any they have ever created. To build it, Apple has pioneered a new processes, innovated manufacturing techniques, and essentially rethought how to make a computer. This is the story of how it all comes together.


MADE WELL. MADE HONEST. MADE HERE - Cobra Rock Boot Company is a workshop + store in Marfa, Texas owned and operated by Logan Caldbeck and Colt Miller. Our boots are handmade in West Texas, the same way small-shop cowboy boot makers have been making boots for over a century. They are hand-lasted, hand-welted, and made with American full-grain leather. Due to the small-batch handmade process, there is a wait-list for our boots.  Visit the Store page to see the boot styles and get on our wait-list.


Meet COBURN Junior, an elegant iPhone stand for the minimalist. The objective behind The COBURN Junior was simple: design a compact, versatile, and beautiful iPhone stand. Focusing to create a minimal, clean look with an organic material that compliments the refined feel of the iPhone. COBURN JR. is built using locally sourced, strong hardwoods, giving you the option to have yours made from walnut, or cherry. They are made right here in the Rocky Mountains so go support your country, support small start ups, support Fine Grain and order yours here!


The revival of American excellence is underway in Faribault, Minnesota. The oldest manufacturing entity in the state of Minnesota dating back to 1865 is again open for business. The Faribault Woolen Mill’s tremendous history and longevity is unmatched by most in the textile business. Their success has always been rooted in the company’s commitment to quality and durability. And as they move forward, their focus will not waiver one bit. However, they recognize that in today’s highly dynamic and competitive international marketplace, the ability to meet our customers’ expanding expectations for exceptional service, value and unique product design is absolutely critical. Their fully vertically-integrated processing at the Mill ensures the ability to be a viable domestic supplier for large and small customers alike.